Most amazing racetrack on the planet?

Japan has just unveiled a breathtaking new racetrack.

This amazing racetrack Perched high on a mountainside and masterfully crafted by the renowned firm responsible for many cutting-edge Formula 1 circuits, this newly unveiled racecourse stands as a true marvel of beauty.

However, witnessing a thrilling race from this extraordinary track is an unattainable dream.

Introducing The Magarigawa Club, an exclusive haven nestled in Japan, which proudly joins the prestigious collection of private circuits worldwide. These private sanctuaries have evolved into lavish playgrounds in recent years, catering to the escalating desire for -tier facilities to unleash the power of the world's most luxurious supercars. And among them, this particular gem shines brightest, as the entire venue – not just the track – exudes an unparalleled level of grandeur.

The circuit, which has 22 corners and spans 3.5km, winds its way along the mountain's summit, offering breathtaking views of near-vertical rock formations. Hermann Tilke's , known for designing the Bahrain International Circuit, Circuit of the Americas, and Yas Marina, was responsible for creating this track.

As shown in the video below, the off-track amenities are equally remarkable to the track. There are lodging options, areas for entertainment, both indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, and even a swimming pool.

The Magarigawa Club has been operating since mid-2023, but it recently shared a video showcasing its incredible amenities. Take a look at the video below and start saving your money, as membership is said to be priced at over $250,000.

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