Dakota Johnson’s revealing outfit causes controversy online.

Dakota Johnson wowed in a bold ensemble next to her co-, Sydney Sweeney, at the premiere of Madame Web in Los Angeles. Despite Dakota's stunning appearance, a few critics found the outfit too revealing and critiqued her figure.

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The 34-year-old looked stunning in a shiny silver made of netted fabric. The dress had a daring low neckline, and she wore a nude-colored bodysuit underneath. She completed the outfit with black open-toed heels that peeked out from under the dress.

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The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith picked out just a few accessories, wearing a plain white necklace with a shiny silver pendant. She had her brown hair neatly split down the middle, flowing down past her shoulders, and soft bangs gently framing her face.

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Johnson's bold appearance became an instant sensation on the , capturing the hearts of numerous fans who were amazed by her stunning natural beauty. One of her admirers expressed their admiration by saying, “Dakota is absolutely gorgeous! That dress is incredible, but not every could pull it off like Dakota does. She possesses the ideal body and grace for it. She truly is an extraordinary woman!”

Another person mentioned, “I really like how Dakota looks in this outfit, even though I'm aware that not everyone will agree. She is very slim and graceful, and she can carry off this daring look without it being too much.”

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Despite receiving a lot of compliments for her appearance, some people that the outfit worn by the actress from “50 Shades of Grey” was too revealing compared to her usual style. One commented, “Why? Not classy!” while another mentioned, “It was a big mistake for her to wear that, she'll regret that choice for a while.”

As the star wore a tight dress that showcased her figure and accentuated her curves, several people commented on Dakota's breast shape. One person shared their opinion, saying, “They seem to be hanging quite low for someone who is 34.” Another commentator recommended, “She should consider wearing a .”

Dakota Johnson looks amazing in her outfit, and her confidence and genuine smile make her even more attractive. Nicole Kidman also caused a commotion with her recent red-carpet appearance, as her backless dress was considered too revealing for her age.

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