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Two Arrested After Just Stop Oil Activists Paint Stonehenge Orange

Just Stop Oil environmental activists vandalized Stonehenge with orange spray paint on June 19, 2024.…

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Ranking House of the Dragon Characters, from power hungry to downright evil

Fans have been sharing their opinions on whether they support the black or green team…

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Neil Patrick Harris Uninterested in Twin’s Biological Parentage

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have two kids together. Neil Patrick Harris shared that…

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Olympic Heartbreak: Rising Star Dies Before Paris Games Debut

The family of Jackson James Rice has verified that the young Olympian passed away in…

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Katy Perry’s “Firework” Has a Surprisingly Dark Origin Story

In 2010, the ex-American Idol judge disclosed the truth. Katy Perry explained the message of…

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Horror Film Stuns Cannes With Explicit Sex, Gets “Anti-Award”

The movie contains a significant amount of explicit sexual scenes and violent scenes. You can…

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Couple Electrocuted in Mexican Resort Hot Tub, Husband Died

A married couple from El Paso, Texas, experienced a tragic incident during their vacation in…

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Surprise! ‘The Boys’ Fans Stunned as Stars Confirm Real-Life Romance!

Some fans of The Boys are just finding out that two actors from the show…

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Stephen King Raves Over Netflix’s Terrifying New Horror with ‘Epic Finale’ – A Must-Watch!

If the famous writer suggests something in the horror category, then you must pay attention.…

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iOS 18 Update Bridges Gap with Android Features on iPhone

Apple's latest release of iOS 18 has caused quite a stir in the tech world.…

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