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Study: Marijuana Daily Usage Overtakes Alcohol, Impacting Booze Industry

Americans are choosing buds over alcohol more frequently. Carnegie Mellon University analyzed data spanning 40…

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Sofia Vergara’s Fabulous Fifties: Newly Single Star Shines Bright!

Sofia Vergara, who is 51 years old, looks absolutely gorgeous. She seems younger and her…

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“Compelling Story: Married or Not, This Husband’s Tale Is a Must-Read”

As I arrived home that evening, my wife prepared dinner. I gently grasped her hand…

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Texas’ Latest Water Park Tailored for Kids with Disabilities

Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas, ensures that children with disabilities can enjoy all the…

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Overcome Fear of Flying with Simple Turbulence Demo by Woman

After a Singapore Airlines flight experienced severe turbulence, numerous individuals are feeling extremely anxious. A…

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Compassionate Church Welcomes Homeless, Provides Comfort and Care!

The homeless face a significant health problem due to the lack of sleep. Every day,…

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Game-Changing Car Wash Employs Autistic Staff, Sparks Remarkable Improvement!

Andrew D'Eri, like many individuals with autism, faced challenges in finding employment. To address this,…

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UK Prepares for Vaping Ban: What Happens to Your Body When You Quit?

Your body can start detoxing within 20 minutes of quitting vaping. Vaping has significantly increased…

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Trendsetting Grandma, Aged 95, Defies Critics with Fashion Flair!

People in their sixties, seventies, or even nineties can defy stereotypes about aging by staying…

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The doctor was amazed when they removed 23 contact lenses from the patient’s eye

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@california_eye_associates I had no clue that could happen, but it's definitely not…

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