Vet praised for heartwarming response after owners ask for 7-week-old puppy to be euthanised

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The puppy was born with health problems, and the vet mentioned that some people might judge.

In New Zealand, a vet was commended for their handling of a request to put down a seven-week-old puppy.

Being a vet can be tough because you have to witness pets passing away, which is hard for their owners.

However, when veterinarian Oliver Reeve had to consider the option of euthanizing the golden labradoodle, he made a brave choice.

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Little Toby was born with birth defects (X/@FeltonR)

Oliver went to X to describe how the puppy arrived at the clinic with health problems that were greatly affecting his well-being.

He mentioned that the existing owners couldn't afford the fees needed to fix the issue.

He informed his followers that the puppy's health problem was affecting its well-being, so action was necessary.

The owner decided to euthanize the puppies because they couldn't afford the treatment. It's always difficult for vets to put down animals.

Oliver already has two dogs, a , a , and three rabbits. He chose to keep the puppy and ensure it receives the necessary care.

He wrote on X that he brought a 7 week old puppy to the clinic to be euthanised tonight. It's very sad. But anyway, he introduced his new son.

My daughter prefers to name him Toby, which is a strong name.

Let's check if it works. The names we choose for our pets are influenced by whether or not my spouse had a challenging student with the same name in her class. If so, we'll have to pick a different name.

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Dr Reeve issued an update on the pub following his surgery (FeltonR/X)

Yesterday, Oliver informed everyone that Toby had undergone the first of two surgeries to correct his birth defects.

He mentioned that Toby went to the clinic today for his initial surgery to fix his birth defects.

He will require an additional surgery in a couple of months, but after that, he should be completely healthy! He did great today. Such a brave young boy.

He also seized the chance to discuss the of euthanizing a puppy, in response to criticism from followers directed at the initial owners.

He mentioned he wouldn't discuss the specific defects. People might judge him for being surrendered due to the problem.

The most important thing is that the initial owner took the puppy to the vet and didn't allow it to suffer.

People should not feel ashamed for seeking veterinary care, choosing euthanasia, or surrendering their pets. Veterinarians are not here to judge, but to help animals and their owners.

Bringing a puppy to a vet and choosing humane euthanasia is better than allowing the puppy to suffer or abandoning it, which unfortunately occurs. Euthanasia may not be pleasant, but it is a treatment choice that protects well-being, and there are many reasons why it is selected.

Oliver was greatly appreciated for choosing to save the puppy instead of euthanizing him.

We can't wait to see how this little man gets on.

Image Credit: X/@FeltonR

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