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Ranking House of the Dragon Characters, from power hungry to downright evil

Fans have been sharing their opinions on whether they support the black or green team…

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New Warning Sign Identifies When You Could Be Addicted to Vaping

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the past ten years, as many people have chosen…

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Brits Warned of Hypergamy Dating Trend Sweeping the UK

Discovering love is much trickier than romantic comedies portray. Watch out, singles! There's a new…

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Game of Thrones Fans Declare Franchise Has ‘Finally Gone Too Far’ with Brutal Scene

House of the Dragon, the popular Game of Thrones spin-off, is back for its second…

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Fake Keanu Reeves Scams Woman for Over $700,000

A devoted fan of Keanu Reeves from Spain was tricked out of almost $750,000 in…

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Woman Rejects 5,000 Boyfriend Applicants After Form Completion

In London, influencer Vera Dijkmans gained attention for her unconventional method of finding a partner.…

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Ariana Grande’s Voice Change Stuns Viewers During Interview

Fans are excited about Ariana Grande's recent interview on the podcast "Podcrushed" with hosts Nava…

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Brad Pitt Left ‘Devastated’ After ‘Brutal’ Snub by All 6 Children

Brad Pitt, the famous Hollywood actor recognized for his performances in films such as Fight…

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Scientists Uncover Massive Country Splitting in Two

A research indicated that the plate beneath India was dividing. Research indicates that the tectonic…

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Olympic Heartbreak: Rising Star Dies Before Paris Games Debut

The family of Jackson James Rice has verified that the young Olympian passed away in…

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