World champion diver ignores ‘no women’ sign on extreme water slide and goes down it anyway

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The ‘no women' warning exists for a valid reason.

The world champion diver chose to disregard a warning on a thrilling slide that prohibited women from sliding down.

Area 47, located in Austria, is an exciting park that offers thrilling activities for adventure enthusiasts. Among these is a waterslide that proudly holds the title of being the fastest in Europe, reaching impressive speeds of up to 50mph.

Women are not allowed to go down it because it is considered too dangerous.

However, Rhiannan Iffland still chose to give the slide a go.

She is an Australian high diver who has won the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series seven times in a row, and was not afraid of the ‘no women' warning.

On , a video shows her walking towards the slide and saying to the camera, “This is not something women should do.”

She then disappears down the slide.

@rhiannaniffland Went for it anyway. Just once but i did it! 😂 #waterslides #budgysmuggler @Budgy Smuggler ♬ original sound – Rhiannan Iffland

Why is there a caution for women on this slide? The reason is that women may face the danger of high-pressure water entering their bodies if they go down slides like this, which can lead to enemas. Enemas involve introducing fluid into the rectum to empty the lower part of the large bowel. Additionally, there is a risk of infection due to foreign objects in the water.

Several women on Iffland's post recounted their personal encounters with injuries caused by intense water slides.

One lady commented on Iffland's video, saying: “I had the most terrible on that slide haha you're a brave girl.”

Another person expressed their concern, stating, “It's alarming how many people fail to comprehend why women shouldn't go on this slide!”

Another person shared, “Regrettably, I had an unexpected water slide mishap. I ended up peeing out so much water from my backside that it filled half of the swimming pool in the toilet. It was such a bizarre experience that I couldn't even stand straight afterwards.”

Iffland emphasized that she never intended to make fun of the regulations of the water slide. She always prioritizes people's safety and carefully considers any potential risks in her job. It is incorrect to suggest otherwise.

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