Overcome Fear of Flying with Simple Turbulence Demo by Woman

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After a Singapore Airlines flight experienced severe turbulence, numerous individuals are feeling extremely anxious.

A lady has shared a basic theory about turbulence to assist those who have a fear of flying.

Many individuals are worried after hearing the tragic news on Tuesday. A Singapore Airlines flight experienced strong turbulence while traveling from , resulting in one person's death and several others getting injured.

On Monday night (20 May), a total of 211 passengers and 18 crew members were on board the flight that left Heathrow Airport. Unfortunately, the aircraft encountered turbulence during the journey.

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The turbulence theory to help if you suffer with a fear of flying (Getty Photo)

The aircraft had to land unexpectedly at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, at 3:45pm. Reports from local media mentioned that ambulances rushed onto the runway to assist the passengers, and unfortunately, one person lost their .

Unfortunately, the deceased passenger has now been identified as 73-year-old Geoff Kitchen.

The with two children, who reportedly had heart issues, is believed to have experienced a heart attack during the chaos in the air.

After the tragic incidents, numerous individuals have become particularly anxious when it comes to air travel.

And now, a TikToker has shared a tip that could assist anxious travelers in overcoming their fear.

Anna Paull demonstrated the trick with a cup of jelly, saying she picked it up from an actual pilot.

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The Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 suffered from extreme turbulence (X/@tinchok555)

She described the jelly as the air you fly in and the napkin as the airplane.

The TikToker encouraged her followers to have faith in her, even though the demonstration seemed strange at first.

She observed that similar to jelly, the plane encounters pressure from all directions while flying, including from the bottom, , and sides.

Anna demonstrated turbulence using the jelly model.

She reassured, “The plane may be shaking, but it's not going to fall. It's stuck due to pressure from below and the sides.”

The TikToker also mentioned that there has never been a plane crash caused by turbulence.


Fear of flying tip ✈️❤️

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Turbulence is increasing.

The occurrence of intense turbulence rose by 55% from 1979 to 2020.

According to researchers at Reading University, their study has shown that the rise in temperatures caused by climate change has resulted in more turbulence experienced during transatlantic flights.

Professor Paul Williams, who co-authored the study, stated that after ten years of indicating that climate change will lead to more clear-air turbulence in the future, we now have proof that the increase has already started.

Investing in better turbulence prediction and detection is crucial to avoid experiencing more turbulent flights in the future.

Image Credit: /@Anna..Paull

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