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Justin Long Admitted He Pooped The Bed In ‘Romantic’ Moment With Wife Kate Bosworth

Justin Long recently disclosed an unexpected and open story on the “PIE with Kurt Sutter…

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Johnny Depp Slammed For Age Gap With Famous New Girlfriend

Johnny Depp appears to be doing well currently. The 61-year-old actor from Pirates of the…

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Amber Heard’s Private Investigator Reveals Shock Discovery About Johnny Depp

The private investigator, hired by Amber Heard’s legal team to uncover evidence against Johnny Depp,…

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Richest CEOs in tech and their intriguing abodes

The world's wealthiest tech billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, showcase a wide…

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Horror movie was so disturbing director had to prove he didn’t murder his actors

The film was very unsettling, so they had to demonstrate that they didn't actually harm…

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Waitress ‘dumped in lake’ after confronting group of customers who didn’t pay bill

Liahna Bertels remained in the water for approximately 10 minutes. Settling your bill is expected,…

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Hawk Tuah Girl Reveals Revolting $600 Request She’s Received Since Going Viral

Haliey Welch, the woman known as Hawk Tuah, shared a disturbing request she got after…

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Amber Heard Has No Movies In Works After Changing Her Name And Leaving America

Amber Heard doesn't seem to have any upcoming film projects after her recent move to…

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Firefighters make a difference in girl’s life by covering her bill.

Liz left a note for two firefighters during her night shift. Little did she know,…

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