Ariana Grande’s Voice Change Stuns Viewers During Interview

Ariana Grande's Voice Change Stuns Viewers During Interview

Fans are excited about Ariana Grande's recent interview on the “Podcrushed” with hosts Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari. During the interview, Grande talked about different parts of her and career, such as her role as Glinda in the upcoming movie adaptation of “Wicked.” Many viewers noticed a significant change in her voice.

Grande, who got emotional when discussing her work with co- Cynthia Erivo, shared sincere thoughts on their partnership. She expressed thankfulness for their harmonious working relationship, stating, “It was an , beautiful… I feel so grateful to have worked with her.”

Grande's voice suddenly changed in the middle of a sentence, which caught the of her fans. She started with a lower pitch and then unexpectedly switched to a much higher one. This vocal shift caused a lot of reactions on . One fan asked why she does this, while another found it surprising yet amusing, saying they loved it. A third person humorously compared the shift to their own of changing tones when talking to coworkers versus customers.

Fans have been speculating that Grande intentionally changed her vocals, possibly due to her vocal health. One user even suggested that she uses a mixed voice instead of her chest voice during interviews and long speaking engagements to protect her vocal cords. Another fan pointed out that Grande frequently talks about the importance of taking care of her vocal cords.

Ariana Grande's Voice Change Stuns Viewers During Interview

During an earlier conversation with Zach Sang, Grande talked about her vocal preparation for “Wicked.” She explained how she had to change her voice to fit the role. Grande thanked her coaches, mentioning that she took lessons every day during her on The Voice to prepare for auditions. She also shared that she trained daily with Nancy Banks and Eric Vetro to adjust her singing and speaking voice for the role.

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