Identical twins go on separate vegan and meat diets to see difference it makes to body

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Hugo and Ross had distinct eating habits for a period of 12 weeks, and the findings may come as a surprise.

People have been debating for a long : which diet is the healthiest?

The easiest answer is maybe a blend of everything in moderation, but two identical twins got a rare chance to find the best diet once and for all.

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The twins had the rare opportunity to compare diets. (/@theturnertwiins)

Because explorers Hugo and Ross Turner have identical genetic material, they opted to experiment with two distinct diets to observe the effects on their bodies.

During a 12-week study at Kings College , Hugo followed a vegan diet, while Ross followed a diet that included meat, dairy, and fish.

Both individuals consumed equal calories daily and followed the same exercise regimen to isolate the effects of their diets.

Hugo confessed to the BBC that following a vegan diet had a negative impact on his body during the twins' journey.

“During the initial weeks, I had strong cravings for meat, dairy, and cheese. Cheese is my favorite,” he mentioned.

Still, Hugo found numerous benefits in abstaining from animal products.

He mentioned that he had to switch to fruit, nuts, and dairy-free alternatives, leading to a diet of more wholesome and better sugar levels throughout the day.

“I felt like I had more energy.”

Hugo's carnivorous mentioned that his workout had been fluctuating recently.

Some days he felt extremely energetic, but there were times when he experienced significant drops in energy.

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The twins didn't see any major differences in results. (BBC Global)

Still, Hugo observed some disadvantages to veganism when he discovered that the diversity of his gut bacteria decreased drastically, while his brother's stayed the same, making Ross less prone to catching illnesses.

Overall, the men discovered that there wasn't much of a difference between the two diets. However, Hugo experienced a significant drop in his cholesterol levels, along with weight loss and improved resistance to type two diabetes.

Ross discovered he was consuming a lot of processed food after seeing his brother's nutritious vegan meals, which made him reconsider his diet.

Hugo lost four pounds and one percent of body by following a vegan diet.

By comparison, Ross put on 10 pounds of muscle but also gained fat, bringing his end body fat percentage up from 13 to 15 percent.

Image Credit: Turner Twins

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