Woman Rejects 5,000 Boyfriend Applicants After Form Completion

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In , influencer Vera Dijkmans gained for her unconventional method of finding a partner. With a massive following of seven million on , the Dutch model created a quiz consisting of 15 questions to evaluate potential suitors. The purpose of the quiz was to weed out individuals who didn't meet her expectations. Surprisingly, she received 5,000 responses from single men. However, after thorough evaluation, only three candidates were found to be suitable. Unfortunately, none of these connections resulted in a lasting relationship.

Dijkmans considered the experiment valuable despite not finding romantic success. It helped her express her expectations clearly and find men who matched her criteria. She received some unique responses, like a offering to send her a sample and another who owned two boats despite not having a .

Her quiz consisted of questions that aimed to measure different aspects of the applicants' lives and personalities. These questions covered a wide range of topics, including their astrological sign, relationship history, job status, music and preferences, living arrangements, values, and future aspirations.

Here are some of the questions from Dijkmans' quiz:

  1. What is your astrological sign?
  2. How many ex-girlfriends do you have, and how many of them are “crazy”? Do you still talk to any of them?
  3. Do you have kids, and do you want any?
  4. Are you currently married or dating someone?
  5. Do you have a full- job?
  6. Would you describe yourself with the adjective “douchey”?
  7. Do you live with your parents?
  8. Do you own a working car?
  9. Do you have a account?
  10. Do you currently have a “booty call”?
  11. If we lived together, would I get the walk-in closet?
  12. Is it acceptable to hit on my ?
  13. Do you like watching Avatar: The Last Airbender?
  14. Who is the best artist: The Weeknd, Future, Drake, or Travis Scott?
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Dijkmans is still single, but she stresses the significance of not settling for less and is keeping her possibilities open. She is even willing to take a break from actively searching for a boyfriend at the moment. Additionally, she has chosen not to pursue another round of applications on social media. Instead, she is concentrating on finding someone who perfectly matches her expectations.

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