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Donald Trump Reveals Injuries In First Public Appearance Since Shooting

During a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on July 13, former US President Donald Trump narrowly…

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Scarlett Johansson ‘Blacked Out’ After Hearing SNL Joke About Her Body

Scarlett Johansson admitted to losing consciousness when she caught a glimpse of her own picture…

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New ‘porn passport’ could be bad news for people who watch it too much

Spain is experimenting with a fresh initiative, however, there is a possibility of it leading…

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Horror movie was so disturbing director had to prove he didn’t murder his actors

The film was very unsettling, so they had to demonstrate that they didn't actually harm…

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Netflix Has New Global Number One Series That People Are Binging In One Night

Netflix's most recent series is causing a buzz, and it's clear why. In the world…

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Viewers are obsessed with ‘criminally underrated’ show ‘even better than Breaking Bad’

The show is 'criminally underrated' Being likened to Breaking Bad is a huge compliment, since…

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People Are Saying Historical Drama Is ‘Greatest Movie Of All Time’

Quentin Tarantino praises 2006 historical drama as 'brilliant'. Movie fans are excited about a violent…

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Man ‘can’t unsee’ what he thought was a simple mistake in the movie Interstellar

The plot of Interstellar might be very different from what you first imagined. Interstellar, directed…

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Shop owner travels 530 miles to punch woman who left bad review

Xiao Li got attacked on the street because of her review. Have you ever traveled…

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