Salma Hayek, 57, Unveils Surprising Secret to Flawless Figure

Salma made her debut on screen in 1988. She has been entertaining fans for more than 35 years with her lively and unforgettable characters. Fans were excited by her recent swimsuit picture, showing that the actress is in great shape. We wanted to discover the secrets behind her stunning appearance.

Her new post took our breath away.


© salmahayek / Instagram© salmahayek / Instagram

The celebrity posted several pictures on her account for her millions of followers. The photos captured her coming out of the ocean and getting onto a boat during sunset. In one of the pictures, she can be seen dipping her hair into the salty , looking absolutely stunning.

She wrote in the post: “Whenever I want to feel refreshed, I dive into the sea.” Additionally, she included a Spanish translation of the exact sentence.

Salma Hayek

© salmahayek / Instagram

Salma looked stunning in her vibrant yellow bikini, showcasing her slender , fit arms, and -kissed skin. Her fans were swift to admire the 57-year-old, flooding her post with over 2 million likes and 16k comments.
A person exclaimed, “Being so youthful in your 50s should be against the law, seriously!” Meanwhile, another follower commented, “I initially this was an old picture!”

She has her own secret for washing her face.

Salma Hayek

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The celebrity suggests avoiding washing your face in the morning with special products, and instead using just water. She also posted on the recipe for her morning juice, which consists of citrus fruits, turmeric, a bit of black ground pepper, and sea buckthorn. She claims that sea buckthorn helps the skin produce collagen. Hayek feels energized to eat well after drinking this juice.

Her youth potion.

Salma Hayek

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A couple of years back, Salma shared her habit of drinking a cup of bone broth every day, claiming that it helps to maintain youthfulness. Despite finding the drink somewhat unpleasant, she emphasized her fondness for it due to its numerous benefits.

The celebrity clarified that you need to take several cow bones and cook them slowly for a long . After that, she suggests adding a tablespoon of apple cider. Hayek claims that this combination aids in rejuvenating the tissues of your skin, hair, and nails.

The actress avoids cardio.

Salma Hayek

© salmahayek / Instagram

The actress admitted she doesn't do cardio. She mentioned she never did it when she was young and won't start now. She prefers yoga over cardio. She added that walking her dogs is her way of exercising.

Salma is one of the celebrities who always seem to get better as time goes by.

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