Trending: Celebs Sporting Lingerie in Public as Fashion Statement

A fresh and daring style is making waves in the industry, favored by a small group of people. Influential personalities are purposefully ditching their pants and flaunting fashionable outfits with just underwear as their bottom piece. Whether it's panties or briefs, with or without stockings, their boldness in pulling off these edgy looks is truly commendable. Check out their fearless fashion decisions and see their stunning looks up close.

Celebrities are embracing the “no-pants” trend in a big way.


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The absence of pants in modern runway fashion has sparked mixed reactions, with some viewing it as a fashion statement. This trend can be traced back to the popularity of bike shorts, which then influenced celebrities in their clothing choices. A recent example of this “no-pants” look was seen at the 76th Cannes Festival in May 2023, when Irina Shayk caught by wearing a see-through with lingerie and a jacket.


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Emily Ratajkowski and Rita Ora have shown their support for this trend during some of their official events. Despite predictions that this trend would fade away in 2022, 2023 has demonstrated that it continues to thrive both on the streets and on the runways.


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In September of that year, Kylie Jenner made a memorable appearance at Loewe fashion week by wearing briefs over stockings.

Starting in 2022, these types of clothes have become quite popular at public events. Riverdale actress Camila Mendes recently wore a bold outfit at a fashion event in February 2023.

They wear this outfit everywhere.


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Celebrities like Julia Fox are adopting the no-pants trend in their daily lives, not just at red carpet events. In May 2022, she made news by going grocery shopping in her underwear. A year later, she took it a step further by pumping gas in just her briefs.


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Fashion trends change constantly, and it's a relief that we won't be seeing certain ones anymore. However, it's refreshing to witness men breaking stereotypes by embracing skirts and the significant shift in standards.

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