Wealthiest Womens 2024: The Elite Top 10

It is important to remember that women are just as capable as men in today's male-dominated world. They are progressive and often question men's authority. While there may not be any women among the ten wealthiest individuals in the world, they excel in every sector. The number of wealthy women has been increasing over the years. So, who will be the richest in the world in ? Let's find out the facts about wealthiest womens 2024!

1. Françoise Bettencourt – $94 billion

Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, born on July 10, 1953 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, inherited her from her mother, Liliane Bettencourt. With an estimated net worth of $94 billion, she is currently the world's wealthiest woman. She has written about Jewish-Christian relations and Bible commentaries. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers is the chairwoman of the holding that owns 33 percent of L'Oréal.

2. Alice Walton – $66 billion

Alice Walton, a wealthy woman from the United States, is the sister of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. According to Forbes Billionaire Index, she has a net worth of $66 billion, making her the second richest woman in the world in 2024. Despite not working for Walmart, Walton is involved in the Walton Foundation's efforts to support charter schools by assisting in the development of a $300 million bond program. This program aims to help these schools invest in and upgrade their facilities.

3. Julia Koch – $61 billion

Julia Koch, an American socialite and philanthropist, is among the top ten richest women in the world in 2024. Her late husband, David, passed away in 2019, leaving her and their three children a 42 percent stake in Koch Industries. According to Forbes, his net worth is projected to be $53.8 billion in 2024, while Bloomberg estimates it to be $61.2 billion.

4. MacKenzie Scott – $56 billion

Mackenzie Scott, an American writer and generous donor, possesses a fortune of one billion dollars. As stated by Bloomberg, her net worth amounts to US$56 billion, ranking her as the fourth wealthiest woman in 2024. Additionally, she gained recognition for her prominent marriage and subsequent divorce from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and for her involvement in the establishment of the company. As part of their divorce agreement, Bezos transferred 25% of his Amazon shares to Mackenzie.

5. Jacqueline Mars – $51 billion

Jacqueline Mars, a wealthy investor and heiress, is the granddaughter of Frank C. Mars, the creator of Mars, Incorporated, a candy company. She holds a third of the Mars corporation and has a net worth of $51 billion, ranking her as the fifth wealthiest woman globally in 2024.

6. Susanne Klatten- $29 billion

Susanne Klatten, daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt, is a German billionaire who owns 19.1% of BMW. Her net worth is estimated to be over US$29 billion, making her the wealthiest woman in Germany and the sixth wealthiest woman globally in 2024.

7. Miriam Adelson – $28 billion

Miriam Adelson, an Israeli-American doctor, is currently the seventh richest woman in the world in 2024. She is the widow of Sheldon Adelson, the former CEO and chairman of the Las Vegas Sands gambling corporation, who passed away in January 2021. Following her marriage, she became a conservative political donor in both the United States and Israel. Together with her late husband, they founded the Sheldon G. Adelson Research Clinic in Las Vegas, which offers treatment for individuals struggling with opioid addiction.

8. Abigail Johnson – $26 billion

Abigail Johnson, a billionaire from the United States, has been leading Fidelity Investments (FMR) as the president and CEO since 2014. She also serves as the chair of Fidelity International (FIL). Fidelity Investments was originally founded by her grandfather, and Abigail Johnson now holds approximately 24.5 percent ownership of the company, which remains in the hands of the Johnson family. In 2024, Abigail Johnson is recognized as one of the wealthiest women globally, with a net worth of $26 billion.

9. Yang Huiyan – $23 billion

Yang Huiyan, a Chinese property developer and millionaire businessman, holds the majority of shares in Country Garden Holdings. She owns 57 percent of the real estate developer, which was mostly transferred to her by her father, Yang Guoqiang. According to the Bloomberg billionaire index, by 2024, she is expected to become the wealthiest woman in Asia and the ninth wealthiest woman globally.

10. Gina Rinehart – $22 billion

Gina Rinehart, an Australian billionaire and heiress, made her fortune in the mining industry. As the executive chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a company founded by her father, Lang Hancock, she oversees the Roy Hill mining project, which generates most of her income. In 2024, Gina Rinehart ranked as the tenth wealthiest woman globally.

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