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The ol' “Jaws” line goes “You're gonna need a bigger boat” … but it's a bigger forklift that was needed when a massive 24- shark washed up onshore in the United Kingdom!

It may look like a scene from “The Meg,” but Sunday's shark incident at Maidens in Scotland is real. The carcass of a basking shark washed ashore.

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The sea creature's body was spotted moving in the before washing up on the shore, leading many onlookers to believe it was alive.

Several witnesses initially mistook it for a whale, but it was actually a basking shark, the second-largest fish in the world. The Divers Marine Rescue and Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme were contacted for assistance.

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A beach visitor asked for help and informed What's The Jam … she went into the water to check if the animal was alive or not.

She mentioned that she wanted to assist if the creature was alive and struggling, so she wore a wetsuit and entered the water to investigate.

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Yolanda quickly discovered the shark was dead, seeing it caught in a rope with its tail in its mouth. She the shark may have died while attempting to escape, a truly tragic sight.

Once the rescue teams got there, they used a forklift to remove the dead shark from the beach.

Even if people nearby were frightened, basking sharks are not a threat. They are large and have large mouths, but they only consume plankton.

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