5 Beauty Hacks: Elizabeth Hurley, 58, Stuns Like a Bikini Model!

While browsing through Elizabeth Hurley's pictures, you may wonder about the secrets to her youthful look, from her body to her glowing skin. At 58 years old, this actress and model seems to look much younger, with flawless skin and a fit figure. She has shared her tips for staying youthful, and we're eager to take notes.

1. Don't forget to moisturize your face.


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The actress, who is almost 60 years old, looks . It's better to take her advice on self-care rather than argue about it. Elizabeth shared her secret to radiant skin in an interview: “I always use a lot of moisturizer, it's my go-to.”

I moisturize my face around six times daily and my neck about ten times daily. Gently apply it on your face, and it immediately gives you a radiant glow. Dermatologists may consider it excessive (twice a day is the norm), but it's hard to dispute the positive outcomes, right?

2. No long walks in the sun.


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Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram gives the impression that she is always on a luxurious vacation, with pictures of her enjoying the and flaunting her amazing figure in beautiful places.

The 58-year-old shared that the key to her radiant skin is actually avoiding sun exposure.


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She posted a picture of herself sunbathing and captioned it with, “Morning in LA. I only sunbathe before 9am and after 6pm – otherwise, I stay under a big umbrella.”

3. No exhausting training in the gym.


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Elizabeth stays in great shape by prioritizing exercise and healthy foods. She doesn't have strict rules, just focuses on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. She believes that long hours at the gym are not required to achieve a toned physique.


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I engage in plenty of physical activity, but gardening is what truly exhausts me. Trimming hedges, using a chainsaw to cut down trees, and logging are all part of my routine. Not only do I feel physically drained, but I also find satisfaction in clearing up the leaves. “I prefer doing household chores over going to the gym,” she admitted. “Scrubbing a mirror can be just as effective.”

4. Do what you truly love.


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Elizabeth shared a glimpse into her early years during an interview. She disclosed her lifelong passion that keeps her in great shape. The actress proudly displayed a picture of a cycling proficiency badge she earned in the 1970s. This confirms her enduring for cycling, which contributes to her amazing physique.

5. The actress' special diet.


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Hurley claimed he hasn't consumed processed in a century, although he may have been exaggerating a bit about the duration.

She expressed her preference for simple, natural, and uncomplicated food. She mentioned her dislike for food that contains excessive chemicals or additives. She also mentioned that when she is in her country home, she makes an effort to consume locally grown food, including meats and vegetables.


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The actress and model looks amazing and youthful at 30 and nearly 60. It appears that good genes play a role in her youthful appearance, especially when you see her son. definitely runs in the .

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