A British tourist is battling for survival after a shark attack near the shoreline.

shark attack

Peter Smith experienced a severe injury to his thigh and hand, along with a cut on his stomach with this shark attack.

A shark attack has left a British tourist in a serious condition.

Peter Smith, a 64-year-old , was assaulted near the shoreline at Turtle Beach in Tobago, located in the Caribbean.

A British man has been attacked by a shark (Mark Chivers/Getty Images) ,shark attack

A British man has been attacked by a shark (Mark Chivers/)

The closure of beaches along the northwestern coast of the island was quickly enforced due to the incident. Witnesses stated that the creature was a bull shark measuring up to 10 feet in length.

Smith is currently being treated at Scarborough General Hospital for injuries to his thigh, , and stomach.

Smith was reported to be standing in up to his waist, as stated by witnesses.

Stephanie Wright, a resident of West Sussex, informed The that she witnessed a group of individuals on the beach. Initially, she believed that the man had experienced a heart attack and assumed they were providing assistance to him.

“And then I saw someone running down with a towel, and then I saw a dorsal fin come out of the water and , ‘Oh my God, it's a shark.'

“As it turned, I saw the tail come out as well. As it swam off.”

The government has reported shark sightings in both the Grafton area and the Buccoo Reef Marine Park.

The closure of the beaches will enable the Coast Guard and Department of Fisheries to examine the reported sightings.

The Foreign Office spokesperson mentioned that they are assisting the family of a British man who got injured in Tobago and are in touch with the local authorities.

The man is in hospital following the incident (Stephen Frink/Getty Images), shark attack

The man is in hospital after the shark attack (Stephen Frink/Getty Images)

We recently informed you about a man who recorded a terrifying shark attack.

In 2018, Dan White encountered a whitetip shark.

While he was in Egypt, finishing his deep diver certification, the diving group was approached by a swimming creature.

White, thinking it was an exciting encounter, chose to capture it on . He had just encountered three sharks without any difficulty.

However, the distressing video on reveals that the situation quickly became dreadful.

A group of German drivers who were swimming in the same spot teamed up with White's group, and that's when the shark's behavior started to shift.

White informed Tracking Sharks that while filming, he observed a diver's bubbles startling the shark, causing it to turn and investigate.

Dan recounted the frightening incident to the BBC's Why Sharks Attack program: “The shark sank its teeth into the diver's leg, clung on tightly, thrashed about, and eventually flipped over like a cartwheel.”

“It was crazy, it wouldn't let go for what felt like forever. It ended up tearing his calf muscle completely off his leg.”

The man was quickly taken to the hospital and fortunately, his leg didn't require amputation.

Image Credit: Getty image/Google street view

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