A very tall lady gained popularity on the internet

Katie Woolls, a 25-year-old from Britain, has gained a lot of popularity on by openly sharing her as a woman who stands at an impressive height of 6'7″. With more than 720,000 followers on her account, Katie talks about the difficulties and annoyances she encounters while going about her daily routine.

Meet Katie Woolls.

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After working as a sales manager, Katie has now shifted her focus entirely to creating content on social media. Her main goal is to encourage empathy and understanding among people.

Katie shares in her posts and videos about the challenges she faces because of her unusual height. She wishes she could blend in as an average-height woman, feeling overwhelmed by the constant stares and attention she gets in public. “Being a 6'7 tall woman is not typical for a regular girl. People always stare at me wherever I go. Sometimes I just want to go unnoticed, but it's really hard,” she explains.

Her daily struggles.

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Katie talks about the difficulty she faces in finding clothes that fit her well due to her longer legs. Shopping for clothing becomes a challenge because standard sizes don't fit her properly. She also mentions the struggle of connecting with men, as her height can be intimidating to potential partners, making dating a tough task.

Katie faces challenges with transportation due to her need for extra legroom in cars and planes. She always makes sure to book larger vehicles to accommodate her height, whether she's using Uber or choosing airplane seats.

It wasn't an easy childhood.

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Thinking back to her early years, Katie remembers wanting to avoid attention. As she got older, she dealt with stares, laughter, and teasing, becoming the target of mean remarks and deepening her feelings of loneliness.

Often confused as older than she really was, she endured mockery from both her classmates and people she didn't know. She still remembers a at the grocery store when a stranger scolded her, assuming she was a teenager, even though she was only eight years old then.

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Katie's honest depiction of her challenges connects with numerous people, as she uses her platform to increase awareness and promote empathy for those with unique characteristics.

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