Actress Proudly Defends Authentic Sex Scenes in Controversial Film

Sex Scenes

Margo Stilley has thought about the criticism she got for doing real-life sex scenes in one of her movies.

Margo Stilley has stood by one of her most controversial acting roles, stating that it hasn't had a negative impact on her career.

Many individuals find it challenging to succeed as actors due to the struggle of finding work and being pigeonholed into specific roles.

Margo Stilley believes she doesn't fit into either category, and has supported her choice to include a genuine scene in her debut .

Sex Scenes
(David M Benett/Dave Benett/ for Annabel's)

Margot Stilley doesn't regret filming a real sex scene for her first film.

Stilley has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows since her debut in 2004. Additionally, she openly talks about one of her most controversial roles.

She appeared in the 2004 movie, 9 songs, with Kieran O'Brien in a romantic drama that centered on the passionate relationship and intimate moments between a college student and an English scientist.

Stilley starred as the student in the film, which gained a reputation as one of the most explicit mainstream movies ever. This was because it showcased real- sex instead of simulated encounters.

In a well-known moment, O'Brien is shown ejaculating on camera.

9 Songs received a low rating of 24 percent on due to its many sex scenes, which some critics found to be uninteresting.

Stilley has remained firm in her choice to perform on camera, even though it upset many people.

In an interview with the Irish Examiner in 2008, she clarified that during press conferences,, people would yell insults at her.

Stilley shared her of being called derogatory names like ‘wh*e' and ‘slt'. She also mentioned that some people questioned if director Michael Winterbottom took advantage of her due to her lack of acting experience, but they overlooked the fact that she fully developed her character.

Stilley mentioned that the movie focused on and sex when questioned about people's reactions. She clarified that it was not pornography by comparing it to her personal experience of having consensual sex with her boyfriend.

Sex Scenes
(StudioCanal UK/Revolution Films)

Stilley remains firm in her choice to perform on camera, even though it made people ‘very upset' with her.

“The movie 9 Songs was about love and sex, not just physical attraction. I chose to be a part of it and I am proud of my decision.”

Even though she gained fame from 9 Songs, Stilley made it clear that she doesn't believe she has been pigeonholed because of it.

She stated, “Truly, it hasn't impacted my profession. I am not solely considered for roles as promiscuous women.”

Before starting her acting career, Stilley was a model. She moved from North Carolina to Milan for this job.

Later on, she found herself in , where she secured a role in an Israeli commercial thanks to a modeling connection.
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