Airport Mechanic Dies After Getting Sucked into Boeing Jet Engine

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An Iranian airport mechanic tragically lost his in an accident when he was pulled into the active of a Boeing commercial airliner.

The tragic event took place at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran. Technician Abolfazl Amiri was conducting regular maintenance on the tarmac when the incident occurred.

Reports suggest that Amiri was performing a last inspection on a Boeing when he realized he had inadvertently left a tool close to one of the engines. While attempting to retrieve it, he was pulled into the turbine.

The engine had been running for a test, with the cover flaps open. Once Amiri was pulled in, the engine ignited, leading to his immediate demise.

The Boeing 737-500 aircraft in question was a member of Varesh Airline's fleet operating within Iran.

The aviation authority of Iran is presently conducting an investigation into the tragic accident.

Although there have been several worrying incidents with Iranian planes recently, it seems that this tragedy was caused by accidental circumstances and not due to any fault of Boeing.

Heartbreaking, RIP.

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