Anne Hathaway Doesn’t Want To Be Known By ‘Anne’ Anymore

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Imagine if I revealed to you that all your is false? Anne Hathaway's real nickname is not what people commonly use for her, and she is finally sharing her true choice. At 38 years old, the actress wishes she hadn't picked “Anne” for her SAG card, but her preferred nickname is similar to the one we are familiar with.

During a January 12 chat with Jimmy Fallon, Hathaway revealed that she doesn't like being called by her first name, Anne. She mentioned that when someone says “Anne,” she feels like they're going to scold her. Hathaway shared that her is the only one who calls her Anne, and only when she's extremely upset with her. When people call out “Anne!” she immediately wonders what she did wrong.

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Hathaway shared that her favorite nickname, which she goes by every day, is “Annie.” She mentioned that she ended up using “Anne” on her SAG card at 14 years old after shooting a commercial, and it stuck. She added that she never people would continue to call her Anne for the rest of her .

Despite being a well-known actress, Hathaway doesn't like being called by her first name. She prefers to be called Annie instead of Anne. People have come up with nicknames like “Miss H” and “Hath,” but Annie is her favorite. Hathaway's revelation surprised Fallon, who shared that his mom called him by his middle name, “James Thomas.”

Hathaway mentioned that she doubts anyone has ever asked, “James Thomas, how are you?” She's definitely correct, especially since calling Jimmy Fallon “James” would feel odd in any situation.

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