BTS’s Jin Returns: Completes Military Service

The oldest member of received flowers, hugs from his group members, and enjoyed a saxophone of their popular song “Dynamite” when he was officially discharged.

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BTS member Jin waves after being discharged from his mandatory military service next to fellow BTS members RM (R) and Jimin (L) outside a military base in Yeoncheon on June 12, .

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, has completed his mandatory military service after 18 months.

The 31-year-old member of the popular K-pop group has finished his military service after enlisting in December 2022. Big Hit , BTS' agency, made an official announcement on Weverse about Jin's discharge.

The announcement mentioned that Jin is almost done with his in the army and will be discharged soon. Fans were reminded that there were no special events planned for the discharge day, and they were urged not to visit the site to prevent any problems caused by overcrowding.

Korean media eagerly waited outside, broadcasting live on air and online. Footage from Seoul Broadcasting (SBS), a prominent news organization in Korea, captured Jin embracing his comrades as he got ready to leave the military facility.

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Shortly after, Jin emerged from the military site during the SBS stream. He paused to salute and strike a pose for the cameras and spectators. Moments later, his fellow group members, who are currently serving, showered him with a bouquet of flowers and heartfelt embraces. RM, the group's leader, added to the by playing a saxophone rendition of BTS' popular song “Dynamite.”

In October 2022, Jin and his group mates – RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – held a huge free concert called “Yet to Come” in Busan, South Korea. The concert aimed to support the city's bid for the 2030 World Expo and attracted countless ARMY fans from all over the globe.

Big Hit Music, a subsidiary of Hybe Corp., revealed that all seven members will be fulfilling their military service in the near future, stating that it was the right time for them to do so and that the members were proud to serve.

Prior to joining the military, Jin dropped a solo track called “The Astronaut.” In a recent video, he reassured fans that he will be back to work soon and asked them to be patient a little longer.

All seven members of BTS are anticipated to come together as a complete group in 2025 after they have completed their military service.

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