Fake Keanu Reeves Scams Woman for Over $700,000

Fake Keanu Reeves Scams Woman for Over $700,000

A devoted fan of Keanu Reeves from Spain was tricked out of almost $750,000 in a complex financial fraud. The fan, named Chloe, shared her story on a Spanish TV program called Y ahora Sonsoles. Chloe she was communicating with the from Canada, known for his parts in The Matrix and John Wick, when he responded to her comment on .

The imposter, pretending to be Reeves, chatted with Chloe every day about rock and motorcycles. He also sent voice messages in English to make it seem more real. Eventually, the fake Reeves started asking Chloe for money, giving different reasons like needing €60,000 for a private jet, €5,000 for a special computer for scripts, and investing in Bitcoin.

Chloe transferred a sum of €700,000 ($750,000) to the scammer. She even sold her belongings and borrowed money from her to meet his demands. However, after making 16 bank transfers, Chloe became suspicious and understood that she was being deceived. As a result, she decided to cut off all contact with the fraudster.

Fake Keanu Reeves Scams Woman for Over $700,000

A series of scams have been reported involving people pretending to be Keanu Reeves. In one instance, a from Colorado thought she was talking to the actor since 2022. She shared her bank details and sent him $5,000. Even after being warned, she still believed it was real, saying she would only accept it was a scam if Reeves himself said so.

Scammers have been around for a long . Keanu Reeves' team has said many times that he doesn't use or any other social media. This shows how important it is to be careful and doubtful when talking to people online, especially if they say they're famous.

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