Haunting Cockpit Footage Moments Before Plane Crashes into Forest

Haunting Cockpit Footage Moments Before Plane Crashes into Forest

Frightening video footage reveals the interior of a cockpit moments before a plane descends into a forest.

A GoPro camera recorded frightening video of a pilot and passengers crashing into a forest in Idaho.

Fortunately, a group of managed to survive when a small plane crashed into a forest, avoiding a potentially fatal accident.

Outdoors2stay, a YouTuber, bravely shared his terrifying encounter on his channel, giving viewers a glimpse into the cockpit moments before the 2012 crash.

The tiny was intended to the passengers to the mountains for a morning trek in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho, but they never reached their destination.

The video begins in a usual manner, with the YouTuber smiling at the camera and then placing it in the cockpit to capture the view.

At first, the plane has a hard taking off. It goes beyond the runway and takes off from the grass.

You might have expected a smooth journey once they were in the air, but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse.

Haunting Cockpit Footage Moments Before Plane Crashes into Forest

The plane initially struggled to take off, with it even outrunning the runway and taking off on grass. (Outdoors2stay/)

The aircraft had difficulty climbing higher and kept heading straight towards a forest, barely clearing the treetops before beginning to descend slowly.

The video displays the plane gradually descending and the screen turning dark as the cockpit gets filled with tree debris.

The YouTuber said the small plane crash was caused by the weather, but everyone was expected to recover completely.

In the description, they have written about an extraordinary occurrence captured on – a small airplane crash filmed from two distinct perspectives within the cockpit.

Amazingly, all individuals managed to survive the incident. The pilot is expected to fully recuperate, while the rest of us sustained only minor injuries and are immensely grateful for our continued existence.

Haunting Cockpit Footage Moments Before Plane Crashes into Forest

The occupants all managed to escape the crash with their lives. (outdoors2stay/YouTube)

This journey was highly anticipated, and because of our enthusiasm, we had our GoPro cameras recording at different intervals.

“Due to warming temperatures there was an increase in density altitude, and we had a hard time getting adequate lift.”

He expressed his gratitude to those who eventually came to their assistance and offered them support.

As per the sheriff's office, two individuals aboard the aircraft required to the hospital via air ambulance, as stated by KBOI.

Numerous individuals in the comments emphasized the fortunate outcome of escaping with only minor injuries, highlighting the element of luck that seemed to be in their favor after witnessing the crash.

Image Credit: YouTube/outdoors2stay

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