‘House of the Dragon’ Star Restricts Instagram Comments Due to Hateful Trolls

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Some viewers appear to struggle with distinguishing the character from the actor.

Fabien Frankel, the of House of the Dragon, has been forced to restrict comments on his account because of the abusive messages he is receiving from trolls.

Frankel is the who plays Ser Criston Cole in the Game of Thrones prequel series. If you've seen the first season, you probably don't have a good opinion of Ser Criston. According to Forbes, he is considered the most disliked character in the history of Thrones.

Similar to other memorable villains, his character is one of the most intriguing in the series, becoming a fan favorite to despise.

Since the second season of the HBO show began airing last week, it appears that a few viewers have gone too far and are unable to distinguish between the actor and the character.

Several individuals have expressed their dislike for him on his Instagram, which has led him to restrict who can leave comments on his posts.

After people noticed this, many voiced their support for the actor.

The actor is so good at his job that some people are angry with him because of the character he portrays.

Another person expressed their opinion, stating that while they may not like Ser Criston, it is important to refrain from sending hate towards the actor. They emphasized the need to separate the character from the actor and even suggested that the actor should be praised for portraying such a convincingly dislikable character.

“Be kind to the actors please.”

A third commented: “How people can't separate actors from characters is baffling.”

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