Jake Paul Reveals New Opponent as Mike Tyson Withdraws Over Health Concerns

Jake Paul, Mike Tyson

Jake Paul suggested a new boxing rival following the delay of his match against Mike Tyson.

revealed on Friday evening (May 31) that the highly anticipated match would be postponed due to Tyson's recent health problems.

Netflix announced that the Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fight scheduled for July 20 will be postponed due to Tyson's ulcer flare-up. The fight will be rescheduled later this year when Tyson is able to fully. Stay tuned for the new fight date announcement next week.

1. After the announcement, Paul hinted on X that he could face KSI in February. He started the discussion by tweeting at KSI, suggesting a fight on July 20. He mentioned, “KSI's coach claims he is currently over 200lbs? So no weight excuses. Let's make it happen on July 20th and then Paul Tyson in October/November.”

KSI responded, saying he couldn't face Paul in July because he had a fight planned for August. He suggested fighting him in December instead of facing an OAP at the end of the year.

Paul mentioned that he offered KSI a chance to fight in July, but KSI preferred to fight in August. Paul then decided to fight in October or November. He announced that in February, he will fight at 200 lbs in MSG, NYC. Later, he tweeted about having 2 fights in February: Jake Paul vs KSI and Logan Paul vs Deji. Are you interested in these matchups?

The delay of the Paul vs Tyson match happened because Tyson had a medical emergency during his flight from Miami to . About half an hour before landing in LA, Tyson had a flare-up of an ulcer and started feeling sick. His team told ESPN that Tyson is now “doing great” and thanked the medical staff for their help.

Mike Tyson expressed gratitude to his fans worldwide for their support and understanding during his recovery period. He mentioned that his doctor advised him to reduce his training due to an ulcer flare-up. Tyson assured everyone that he will soon return to his full training schedule. He also warned Jake Paul that despite the delay, he will still be defeated in the end. Tyson thanked everyone for their patience and promised an outstanding performance later in the year.

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