Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi’s Surprise Wedding: Inside the Big Day!

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Millie Bobby Brown, from Stranger Things, and Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi, got married in a private ceremony last weekend with only a small number of guests. Millie explained how planning her was different from other brides.

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Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bongiovi, Jake's parents, were at the ceremony, along with Millie's parents. An insider mentioned that it was an intimate and romantic event with only close present. The couple intends to have a bigger celebration in the future.

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Millie and Jake's romantic relationship began in June 2021 after Jake shared a photo with Millie on . They were at first, but then they became a couple. They were spotted holding hands in and went to events like the 2022 BAFTA Awards and the premiere of Stranger Things Season 4 together.

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In January 2023, Millie declared Jake as her lifelong partner on . After four months, Jake proposed, and Millie shared their engagement news on Instagram with a heartfelt black-and-white photo. She captioned it with a quote from Taylor Swift's song “Lover”: “I've loved you for three summers now, honey, I want them all 🤍.”

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Jon Bon Jovi expressed his endorsement for the young couple on Radio Andy, stating that age may not be a significant factor. According to him, finding the right partner and growing together is wise advice. He also mentioned that all of his children have found someone they believe they can grow with, and he approves of them all. He specifically praised Millie, describing her as wonderful, and expressed that Jake is extremely happy.

Millie has been updating everyone on her wedding plans. In August 2023, she mentioned to Women's Wear Daily that planning the wedding has been enjoyable. She also expressed her desire to keep the personal details private. Millie emphasized the importance of cherishing special moments in and keeping them close. She shared, “I believe it's crucial to hold onto those small, precious moments in life. I can confirm that the planning is going well – it's fun and an exciting time in my life.”

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In March , Matthew Modine, who co-starred with Millie in Stranger Things, shared that he had the authority to conduct wedding ceremonies. Millie liked the and Jake agreed, so Matthew wrote the wedding vows for them to exchange and become a married couple.

Even though people said she was too mature for Hollywood at 10 years old, Millie Bobby Brown proved them wrong by succeeding. It shows how having supportive people around you is crucial for achieving your goals.

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