New Travel Trend ‘Raw Dogging’ Flights Leaves People Baffled

New Travel Trend 'Raw Dogging' Flights Leaves People Baffled

This summer, a unique travel trend known as “raw-dogging” has emerged, drawing the and confusion of numerous people. Despite its suggestive name, it actually involves enduring a flight without typical distractions and comforts such as headphones, movies, books, or even basic amenities like . This has fascinated and puzzled frequent travelers who are used to using to make their trips more enjoyable.

user @trashcanpaul showcased a new trend by sharing his accomplishment of enduring a seven-hour flight without any distractions. He jokingly mentioned that his mind is incredibly powerful for being able to achieve this.

More travelers joined in, talking about their long flights without any distractions. One person bragged about surviving a 12.5-hour flight, while another shared their flying from Los Angeles to Tokyo, changed when they arrived.

Despite the increasing popularity of this trend, numerous users expressed their bewilderment and astonishment. Some couldn't comprehend how individuals could endure hours of a flight without any activities, referring to those who engage in “raw-dogging” as a distinct species. On X (formerly ), a user shared their experience of encountering a fellow passenger on a ten-hour flight to Europe who had no entertainment or comfort items, which appeared almost alien to them.

The term “raw-dogging,” originally used in another way, now means dealing with a situation unprepared or without usual help. In travel, it refers to enduring a flight in its simplest form, depending only on mental strength to get through the trip.

Many people find this trend strange or overwhelming, but it actually brings up a larger discussion about our reliance on and constant entertainment. Some individuals see it as an opportunity to test themselves and reconnect with their thoughts, without the usual digital distractions. It's unclear whether this trend will become popular or stay limited to those who are adventurous and curious.

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