Sean Kingston Arrested in $1M Fraud Case, Faces Jail Time

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston, the 34-year-old singer famous for songs like “Beautiful Girls” and “Eenie Meenie,” has been incarcerated after being arrested in a $1 million fraud case. His real name is Kisean Anderson, and he was apprehended when authorities searched his residence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kingston is now facing multiple charges, such as grand theft, identity theft, and participating in an organized scheme to defraud.

Kingston encountered legal problems when he and his mother, Janice Turner, were charged with not settling debts linked to a television and sound they had installed in their house. These accusations resulted in a lawsuit filed in February, which led to over $1 million in fraud charges against them. Turner was taken into custody on May 23, and on the same day, an arrest warrant was issued for Kingston. He was apprehended in , where he had been for a show, and subsequently agreed to be transported back to Florida.

Sean Kingston

Kingston is presently in custody at Broward County jail, where his bail is set at $100,000. His mother is also detained in the same facility, but her bond is set at $160,000. According to the arrest warrants, Kingston and Turner are accused of stealing approximately $500,000 worth of jewelry, over $200,000 from Bank of America, $160,000 from an Escalade dealer, $100,000 from First Republic Bank, and $86,000 from a custom maker, among other sums, between October and March.

Kingston's attorney, Robert Rosenblatt, expressed optimism about resolving the charges successfully. This legal matter compounds Kingston's current difficulties, as he is already on a two-year probation for trafficking stolen goods. The case has garnered considerable , underscoring the gravity of the accusations against the singer and his mother.

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