Taylor Swift’s Fans React Strongly to Unexpected Show Moment

Taylor Swift

faced cold weather during her “Eras” tour in Edinburgh, which caused her to deal with a runny nose.

Taylor performed at Murrayfield Stadium in Scotland's capital, braving the freezing 40-degree weather to entertain three packed audiences. Unfortunately, the cold took a toll on her, and her nose was visibly dripping throughout the show.

Fans recorded some of these moments, showing that Taylor was struggling. She was spotted wiping her nose, with mucus on her . At one moment, she was captured picking her nose and smearing the remnants on her “Reputation” era jumpsuit.

Some fans were turned off by the footage, but loyal Swifties stood up for her, noting that everyone faces challenges sometimes. They commended Taylor for pushing through her shows despite the tough weather. Attendees agreed that the weekend was very chilly.

Taylor attempted to stay warm in a viral video by wearing her fuzzy jacket from the “Midnights” era while singing “Lavender Haze,” visibly battling the cold.

Taylor is known for performing in any weather, but her tour is unintentionally causing illness. El Nacional reported that many fans got COVID-19 after her concerts in Madrid and .

Her upcoming show at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, England is on Thursday. Hopefully, there will be enough hand sanitizer to avoid a spike in infections.

Taylor Swift

A COVID outbreak would indeed make for a cruel summer.

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