Why “Sent from my iPhone” Matters in Your Emails

“Sent from my iPhone” could help you out if you accidentally slip up

There's a reason you should always include ‘Sent from my iPhone' when emailing people

Deleting that ‘Sent from my iPhone' signature has become almost instinctual for many of us as we effortlessly type away on our emails.

Perhaps you believe it gives off an unprofessional vibe, or maybe you prefer to keep your boss unaware of your phone usage instead of working on your laptop. Alternatively, it could be a mere annoyance that gets under your skin.

The ‘Sent from my iPhone' phenomenon took on a of its own after the popular Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer hit the screens, turning it into a viral meme.

In the captivating show based on a real-life story, Martha, the relentless stalker, bombards Donny Dunn with an astonishing total of 41,071 emails.

Each email displayed in the show was truly sent by the to Richard Gadd, and she always ended them with ‘Sent from my iPhone' or sometimes just ‘iphon'.

It's tempting to quickly delete.

It's really tempting to just delete it right away.

Despite not using an iPhone or owning one, she still didn't send an email.

Therefore, despite the possibility of discouraging you from including that part of the message again, there is a valid reason why you should.

A specialist in ‘professional email etiquette' advised that it's important to add ‘Sent from my iPhone' in your emails.

Rob Ashton suggests that if you forget to add that line, you should at least mention that you're sending the message from a mobile device.

It ultimately depends on the errors we could make when typing an email on our mobile devices.

In 2012, research was conducted to assess the impact on a sender's credibility, competence, and the reputation of the sender's employer.

The errors discovered had a negative impact in those regions.

Ashton mentions that even though there were many mistakes, having ‘Sent from my iPhone' helped lessen the impact.

He says you should leave the message in. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via suggests keeping the message.

Those findings demonstrate that if you mention that you're sending a message from your phone, your reader will usually overlook any occasional errors.

Sure, we don't mind the occasional typo in a text, but we tend to be more strict when it comes to emails.

Ashton emphasizes that the significance of these studies extends far beyond suggesting the importance of mentioning that you are emailing from a mobile device.

The small details matter the most in communication because they demonstrate the significant influence of the unintentional signals we convey through writing or speaking. These signals greatly shape how our audience interprets our intended message.

*Not sent from my iPhone* Image Credit: Getty Images

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