Tragedy As Influencer Dies Aged 36 On Holiday In Malta

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Farah El Kadhi, a influencer born in Tunisia, has sadly passed away at 36 due to a suspected heart attack while on vacation in Malta. She was discovered unconscious on June 17 and taken to Mater Dei Hospital in Msida, where she eventually died. Farah, who was also a trained architect, had been posting pictures of herself on the yacht just before the incident.

Farah arrived in Malta for a vacation without any injuries. An autopsy and investigation are underway to find out how she died. Soulayma Hneynia, a fellow Tunisian influencer and Island Malta contestant, raised the alarm when she couldn't contact Farah.

Farah El Kadhi was a popular influencer in Tunisia. She was an architect at Key and used her presence to promote her Bazarbyfaf and other endorsements to her 1.1 million followers. Many tributes have been posted on her Instagram page, including one from fellow influencer Laurie Marquet who expressed her shock and sadness: “I can't believe it. We'll miss you. I will always remember you. Rest in peace.”

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Farah's acquaintances and supporters recall her as a fantastic , recognized for her compassion, generosity, and friendliness. Her optimistic attitude had a long-term effect on all those who were acquainted with her.
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