Celeb Style Hacks: 10+ Tricks for Flattering Body Shapes

Celebrities, similar to us, possess minor flaws. Yet, rather than being self-conscious about them, numerous stars have cleverly concealed them by selecting the right attire.

Keira Knightley — an abundance of ruffles


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Keira Knightley frequently chooses dresses with intricate drapery to enhance the appearance of her breasts. Dresses adorned with plenty of ruffles, flounces, and folds create the illusion of volume and are a great option for individuals with smaller breasts.

Kate Middleton — a waist skirt and a V-shaped neckline


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Kate Middleton possesses the typical traits of an “inverted triangle” body shape, including broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a tapered waistline. To maintain proportion, she often wears clothing with skirts at the waistline and V-shaped necklines. This style choice helps the Duchess of Cambridge balance her proportions, while the waistline skirt adds volume to her hips.


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The V-shaped neckline makes the neck look longer and the shoulders appear more graceful.

Alicia Vikander — a high waistline


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Alicia Vikander, with her long body, discovered a way to fix this particular aspect by wearing specially selected clothes. The with a high (on the right) made her legs appear longer and brought balance to her body proportions.

Blake Lively — a corset cut and an extra skirt


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Blake Lively possesses stunning legs, although her waist is slightly wider. In the early stages of her career, the wife of Ryan Reynolds would unintentionally select dresses with loose straight cuts, which accentuated this minor aspect. However, as went on, she began to favor fitted outfits with a corset cut and an additional skirt. These dress designs mimic the coveted “hourglass” body shape, skillfully highlighting the waistline and providing the hips with the desired volume through proper draping.

Katie Holmes — a focus on the waist and dark tights


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Katie Holmes is known for her impeccable style in Hollywood. Despite not having perfect legs, she still manages to showcase her body shape flawlessly. By simply emphasizing her waist and wearing black tights, she can achieve results.

Emilia Clarke — a correctly chosen bodice and nude colors



Despite being only 5'2″, Emilia Clarke appears taller by wearing the right clothes. The dress on the left made her look shorter due to its low waistline, while the one on the right elongated her figure with the right bodice height and nude .

Angelina Jolie — a waistline skirt and draping on the hips


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Angelina Jolie creates balance by wearing outfits that emphasize her waistline and hips, such as a skirt with a defined waistline or draped details on the hips.

Irina Shayk — a tight-fitting silhouette


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Irina Shayk avoids wearing round shapes, but her well-chosen outfits cleverly distract from it. The vertical curved line on the dress on the right, along with the deep neckline, beautifully accentuated the model's curves.

Reese Witherspoon — belts


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Reese Witherspoon has an “apple” body type, so she frequently incorporates belts into her outfits. By emphasizing her waist, it draws away from her belly and gives the illusion of an “hourglass” figure.

Charlene Wittstock — a voluminous skirt and halter collar


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Charlene, the former professional swimmer turned Princess of Monaco, showcases her muscular shoulders and narrow hips with the help of well-cut clothes like fluffy skirts and halter collars.

Chloë Grace Moretz — a V-shaped neckline and straight cut pants


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Chloë Grace Moretz looks stunning on the red carpet, despite having narrow hips, wide shoulders, and a shorter neck. She cleverly accentuates her V-shaped neckline to highlight this feature. Additionally, she balances the volume of her shoulders and hips by wearing an elongated flared blazer and free-cut pants.

What kind of body shape do you have? Do you consider these suggestions when picking out clothes?

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