Angela White Tackles FAQs from Fans Watching Her Movies!

Angela White

The Australian adult film star has disclosed the solution to a pressing inquiry that we all share.

If you ever had a chance to talk to Angela White for five minutes, there are likely many questions you would want to ask her. However, it seems that there is one specific topic that all of her fans are highly curious about.

She is considered one of the most accomplished adult actresses globally and has been compared to Meryl Streep in the adult entertainment industry. However, it appears that she shares more similarities with the actress from Mamma Mia than initially believed.

Starting her career at the age of 18, this Australian woman has gained 21 years of experience in the industry. With her expertise, she is able to create highly persuasive content using her extensive knowledge of the trade.

Fortunately for us, Angela is willing to reveal some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the adult film industry. This helps viewers distinguish between reality and fiction.

The OnlyFans celebrity, ranking in the 0.01 percent of creators on the site, shared details about her risqué job on the Uncut Podcast.

Angela disclosed that she earns the most money from a specific sex position that requires the longest preparation and labor .

She mentioned that her career path has never been driven by money. Instead, she emphasized that her choices have always been based on what excites her.

Angela White

Angela White shared some behind-the-scenes secrets (/@theangelawhite)

Angela confidently shared how she maintains a high level of creative authority while undertaking various projects, having gained extensive experience in the field. However, she often works under the supervision of a porn expert who provides her with feedback.

She mentioned receiving strange requests for ‘everything', saying that if she's not immediately enthusiastic about a scene, then she will decline.

It's quite fascinating, but Angela mentioned something that has finally reassured porn fans after all this time.

So, let's get straight to the point…is she pretending to have orgasms when filming sex scenes, or what?

Angela mentioned that there isn't a straightforward answer to this question because it varies based on the details of the job she's been assigned and the team she's collaborating with.

During the podcast, she mentioned that it varies for her, depending on the atmosphere set by the director.

When filming a Gonzo scene, which is a scene without a script and focused on sex, I have the freedom to do whatever I please with my co- on screen.

She mentioned that it greatly supports genuine orgasms.

That's the moment we can truly connect and have genuine intimacy, as if the camera wasn't even present.

Angela White

The adult actress revealed whether she is faking orgasms or not (/Life Uncut Podcast)

Angela believes that scenes that are ‘heavily directed' are completely different.

The adult performer added that in highly controlled scenes, the director not only instructs on positions, but also dictates when to climax.

It's difficult when a guy in the corner says, “Alright, ejaculate for us now.” That's…

Clearly, she has experience being the one behind the camera, since she is famous for directing her own films.

The of a telling her how to move and when to reach climax feels much creepier compared to Angela doing what feels natural or guiding herself.

Additionally, she mentioned that certain directors she collaborated with requested shots of her ‘orgasming in every position', making it a more complex process than just a one-time thing.

I already mentioned that she resembles Meryl Streep more than you realize.

A true actress, if you will.

Image Credit: Instagram/theangelawhite/YouTube/Life Uncut Podcast

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