Anne Hathaway stars in a new R-rated romantic comedy inspired by Harry Styles.

How Harry Styles inspired new R-rated romcom starring Anne Hathaway

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A new R-rated romcom starring Anne Hathaway was inspired by Harry Styles.

No, really.

The movie is not the initial one to draw inspiration from the renowned popstar and vocalist, as the After series was also influenced by fan fiction centered around Harry Styles.

It might come as a surprise, but it shouldn't be too shocking – considering the fact that the One Direction singer is a highly popular subject in fan fiction.

ArchiveofOurOwn hosts more than 50,000 unique stories categorized under the ‘Harry Styles' tag, with some exceeding hundreds of thousands of words.

Styles inspired the film. (Getty Images)

Styles inspired the . ()

Numerous books have been published throughout the years as a result of this phenomenon, with a significant portion drawing inspiration from the known for his role in Dunkirk.

The latest romantic comedy starring Anne Hathaway, titled The of You, is a prime example of such heartwarming tales.

The narrative revolves around a 40-year-old unmarried mother who embarks on a passionate affair with a 24-year-old vocalist from a boy band, as depicted in Robinne Lee's 2017 novel of the same title.

The movie received glowing reviews upon its release, achieving an impressive 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, particularly for its depiction of the generation gap between the characters.

During her interview with Vogue, Robinne Lee expressed that she envisioned the 24-year-old protagonist as her ideal partner. She described him as a combination of Prince Harry and Harry Styles.

She proceeded to mention that the source of inspiration for the book originated from a strangely familiar inspiration.

She stayed awake browsing music videos on and stumbled upon the image of a boy from a band that had never caught her eye before.

“It was like…art.”

Vogue reported that an extensive online search revealed his history of dating older women, sparking the initial .

(Amazon MGM Studios)

(Amazon MGM Studios)

It is accurate to say that it bears some resemblance to One Direction and Harry Styles.

However, Lee and subsequently Anne Hathaway have remained steadfast in their belief that this narrative holds greater significance.

In that interview, Lee expressed that the intention behind this book was never to focus solely on Harry Styles.

The narrative was intended to focus on a in her late thirties embracing her sexuality and finding herself again, precisely when society typically disregards women as attractive, relevant, and complete.

Anne Hathaway expressed her thoughts on the film's age difference by stating, “It is quite enjoyable to be part of a movie where we openly discuss it, rather than avoiding the topic, and instead, we fully embrace her perspective on it.”

“It's funny, it's OK if 40 is old, it's OK if 40 isn't old, it's OK whatever it is, because it's personal.”

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