Channing Tatum Pushes for ’23 Jump Street’ After Discovering ‘Best’ Cancelled Script

Channing Tatum Pushes for '23 Jump Street' After Discovering 'Best' Cancelled Script

Channing Tatum expresses his excitement for the potential creation of “23 Jump Street” after discovering what he considers to be the most exceptional script he has ever encountered for a third movie. Having previously appeared in the highly successful 2012 “21 Jump Street” and its 2014 sequel “22 Jump Street,” Tatum has consistently shown his desire to extend the franchise. During a recent interview with, Tatum commended the script for the third installment, which, regrettably, faced obstacles in its development and was hindered by bureaucratic challenges and above-the-line concerns.

Channing Tatum Pushes for '23 Jump Street' After Discovering 'Best' Cancelled Script

The suggested project initially an ambitious crossover between “Men In Black” and “Jump Street,” combining humor and action with sci-fi elements. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors, shared that the script for the crossover depicted Schmidt (played by Jonah Hill) and Jenko (played by Tatum) getting caught up in an alien conspiracy during their in medical . Although the received positive feedback from the team, it encountered various production obstacles that hindered its .

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Tatum maintains an optimistic outlook regarding the possibilities of “23 Jump Street” and has actively radiated positive vibes into the world, expressing his strong desire for the project to materialize. He highlighted his enthusiasm for reuniting with his co- Jonah Hill, emphasizing that both actors are eager to revisit their roles and “perform once more.” Despite the obstacles faced, Tatum firmly believes that through sufficient dedication and resolution of production challenges, the film can still become a reality.

Channing Tatum Pushes for '23 Jump Street' After Discovering 'Best' Cancelled Script

Given the triumph of the initial two movies, enthusiasts have anxiously anticipated a follow-up to the series. The exceptional fusion of comedy and excitement, along with the undeniable chemistry between Tatum and Hill, propelled the “Jump Street” films to great heights. Tatum's positive outlook and the unwavering backing from fans might just inject fresh vitality into the endeavor, particularly considering the current inclination of resurrecting cherished franchises.

While the script remains on the shelf for now, Tatum's comments have reignited and speculation among fans. The 's enthusiasm and the strong fan base could potentially influence the studios to revisit the . If “23 Jump Street” does come to fruition, it promises to deliver the same mix of comedy, action, and camaraderie that made the original films so popular.

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