Couple Electrocuted in Mexican Resort Hot Tub, Husband Died

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A married couple from El Paso, Texas, experienced a tragic incident during their vacation in Puerto Peñasco, . Jorge Guillen passed away after being electrocuted in a tub at a resort, while his wife, Lizzette Zambrano, is currently in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

The Sonora attorney general's office stated that the couple got a strong electric shock in the jacuzzi. Onlookers said it was chaotic as a tried to get in and got shocked too. She called for help right away, and emergency services came quickly.

Couple Electrocuted in Mexican Resort Hot Tub, Husband Died

The events before the tragedy are being looked into. Officials are working to find out what triggered the electrical discharge that caused the deadly accident. The resort has not given a statement yet, and investigations are ongoing to figure out the electrical issue that caused this tragic incident.

Afterwards, Jorge and Lizzette's relatives created a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills and bring Jorge's body home to the US. The shared their deep sorrow, praising Jorge as a caring who was constantly supportive of his family. They emphasized the strong bond between Jorge and Lizzette, calling it a that would last forever.

The local community is not only shocked by the tragedy but also reminded of the dangers that come with electrical systems in public places. The Sonora attorney general's office is investigating to determine if there were any protocol or maintenance failures that led to the accident.

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