Game-Changing Car Wash Employs Autistic Staff, Sparks Remarkable Improvement!

Andrew D'Eri, like many individuals with autism, faced challenges in finding employment. To address this, his father, an experienced entrepreneur, and his older brother, who had just completed business school, came up with a unique . They brainstormed a business that could flourish by primarily hiring individuals with autism.

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Rising Tide Wash / ABC News

Tom D'Eri explained to ABC News that they aimed to create a prominent example for other companies to follow, by showcasing autistic employees to educate the community.

The D'Eris found out that many individuals with autism face unemployment not due to their lack of skills, but because sees them as people to pity rather than as valuable individuals with unique abilities.

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Rising Tide Car Wash / ABC News

Tom D'Eri mentioned that individuals with autism often excel at structured tasks, following processes, and paying to detail. He highlighted that these skills are valuable and can make them some of the employees in certain situations.

The Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Florida was established by the D'Eri in 2013. Currently, 35 individuals with autism work there.

Andrew, 24, started his first job with some hesitation, but after three weeks, Tom D'Eri noticed positive changes in him. Andrew had struggled with empathy and trying new things before, but when his father shared a new – a chicken and portobello mushroom sandwich – Andrew surprised everyone by trying it and then politely asking to share it.

Tom D'Eri mentioned that usually, that situation wouldn't occur. He mentioned that Andrew assisted passengers with their bags on a flight for the first when he began working. Tom noticed changes in Andrew's behavior, such as being open to new experiences and showing more empathy. These are qualities that families with autistic children often find rare.

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The D'Eri family / ABC News

He mentioned that working at the car wash was beneficial for autistic individuals who often face bullying in high school, as it helped them develop self-assurance.

D'Eri mentioned in the video that when people come to them, they often lack purpose and hope for their future. However, as they begin working with them and receive positive feedback for their efforts, such as making customers happy and receiving tips, it helps them become more open.

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