MrBeast challenges T-Series CEO to boxing match as subscriber race tightens

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The post received 5.1 million views and 4.1K comments.

MrBeast, a popular figure on the , has issued a boxing challenge to the CEO of T-Series. This is happening as MrBeast is getting closer to catching up with T-Series, which currently holds the highest number of subscribers on .

T-Series, a with no CEO listed on their , is led by Bhushan Kumar, who serves as managing director and chairman. MrBeast recently posted a picture comparing his channel's subscriber count to T-Series' on X, challenging the company's CEO to a boxing match, following a trend of celebrities challenging one another online.

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has gained immense popularity due to his extravagant and captivating content. His channel is quickly catching up to T-Series in terms of subscribers, setting the stage for an exciting battle between these digital giants.

T-Series has established its position as a leader with an impressive 265 million subscribers, becoming a well-known name on YouTube. Meanwhile, MrBeast's channel has surpassed 258 million subscribers, trailing by just six million.

The upcoming boxing match brings a new element to a rivalry that has mostly taken place online, captivating both fans and spectators. This event also aligns with MrBeast's recent venture into television, as he announced ‘Beast Games,' a game show supported by Amazon. The show offers a prize pool of $5 million and involves a thousand contestants.

The post received over 5.1 million views and garnered more than 4.1K comments. One user exclaimed, “Sub War Baby!” Another user expressed, “Oh, it's game on.” A third user confidently stated, “You would definitely emerge victorious!” A fourth user shared their wish, saying, “If only this could become a reality.”

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