Multiple Individuals Could Face Charges in Connection with Matthew Perry’s Death

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Authorities think that more than one person may face charges related to Matthew Perry's unexpected passing in October, as reported by People magazine.

A source from law enforcement disclosed that the federal inquiry into Perry's demise is nearing its end, and a determination on whether to file charges will be reached soon.

Page Six contacted the U.S. Attorney's Office for a comment, but they haven't responded yet.

Perry, famous for his part in the TV show “,” passed away at 54 years old because of the accidental impact of ketamine. The County Medical Examiner's Office also mentioned drowning, coronary artery , and buprenorphine, an opioid, as factors that contributed to his death.

In his memoir titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing” published in 2022, Perry talked about his experience with ketamine. Ketamine is a drug commonly used for relief and treating depression. Perry openly admitted that he didn't enjoy using it as it made him feel as if he was on the verge of death.

TMZ revealed in May that federal authorities were investigating Perry's use of ketamine, even though the Los Angeles Department had confirmed in January that the investigation was finished.

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Dr. Bankole Johnson mentioned to Page Six that Perry may have gotten ketamine illegally for fun after his sudden death. He also said it would be risky to give ketamine to someone taking buprenorphine.

Perry was discovered unconscious in the tub of his mansion in Los Angeles after asking his assistant to run some errands. Despite a lengthy history of substance abuse, he was believed to have been sober in the months before his passing.

Perry revealed in his memoir that he spent approximately $9 million on recovery endeavors. He honestly confessed, “I not only have the disease, but it's also severe. I constantly feel like I'm backed into a corner. It's a constant battle that will ultimately take my …”

In 2012, Perry transformed his $10 million Malibu estate into a men's sober living facility named the Perry House. He devoted his efforts to assisting others in attaining sobriety.

Ten years later, Perry expressed to podcaster Tom Power his desire to be remembered for his work in improving people's lives, rather than just his part in “Friends.” He emphasized, “I hope that when I pass away, ‘Friends' won't be the main focus. I want my efforts to take the spotlight. I will continue to show this throughout my life.”

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