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New Warning Sign Identifies When You Could Be Addicted to Vaping

Vaping has become increasingly popular in the past ten years, as many people have chosen…

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Scientists recommend following the ’21 second rule’ when urinating for better health.

Make sure to always empty your bladder when needed. There is a simple rule to…

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WHO Confirms First Human Death from Novel Bird Flu Strain

WHO has confirmed the first ever case of bird flu causing death in humans. The…

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Mother Sentenced After 4-Year-Old Dies from Mountain Dew Feeding

A mother received a punishment when her four-year-old daughter passed away from being fed Mountain…

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Stephen Hawking’s Straightforward Response to the God Query

Stephen Hawking discussed his thoughts on God and the afterlife in his last book. In…

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Chinese Doctors’ Cell Therapy Breakthrough Offers Hope for Diabetes Cure

A man, aged 59, who has type 2 diabetes, underwent a groundbreaking cell transplant. As…

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2024’s Top 10 Priciest Dog Breeds Revealed!

Our dogs mean the world to us, that's why we make sure to have insurance…

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Doge’ Meme Star Kabosu Passes Away

On Friday, Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher from Sakura city in Japan, wrote that her…

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UK Prepares for Vaping Ban: What Happens to Your Body When You Quit?

Your body can start detoxing within 20 minutes of quitting vaping. Vaping has significantly increased…

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Top 12 Pricey Sneaker Sales Ever!

In July 2019, the record for the priciest sneakers ever sold changed. Sotheby's auctioned off…

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