Warning: New cancer symptoms linked to alcohol consumption in young adults!

Warning: New cancer symptoms linked to alcohol consumption in young adults!

In addition to a peculiar symptom that appears when you drink alcohol, there are numerous other indicators of this serious sickness to watch for.

When we're drunk, we tend to speak our true thoughts, but not everyone realizes that alcohol can also expose secrets about our physical health.

Not only are we referring to the surprising realization that you can do the splits after drinking a lot, but also something much darker.

Young people should be cautious if they feel in their lymph nodes after drinking alcohol, as it could indicate lymphoma.

This cancer grows in the lymphatic , which is a network of vessels and glands in the body.

Approximately 60 types of lymphoma exist, categorized into Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphomas. Hodgkin lymphoma is commonly diagnosed in individuals in their early 20s.

Warning: New cancer symptoms linked to alcohol consumption in young adults!

Medics are warning young people to be aware of the symptoms of lymphoma (Getty stock photo)

Hodgkin lymphoma is common in younger individuals and can cause a rare symptom of lymph node pain when consuming alcohol.

Lymphoma Action reports that 5% of individuals with this type of illness this.

Dr. Graham Collins, a haematologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, stated that lymph nodes contain many abnormal cells when cancer is present.

Explaining the connection to pain, he informed the that alcohol can cause vessels to relax. This relaxation can result in increased pressure within the lymph nodes, putting stress on the surrounding capsule and causing pain.

Women with Hodgkin lymphoma are more likely to experience this pain, as stated in a study conducted by Harvard medical professionals. They mentioned that consuming a liqueur-filled chocolate or even taking a sip of beer can be sufficient to provoke it.

Patients often describe the sensation as ‘instantaneous' and liken it to either a dull ache or a sharp stabbing pain. They mention that the intensity can vary from mild to unbearable, leading some individuals to completely abstain from alcohol.

Are you familiar with the other common signs of lymphoma? Many people are not aware of this symptom.

If not, pay – because identifying these warning signs early on could potentially save your life.

Warning: New cancer symptoms linked to alcohol consumption in young adults!

A strange symptom may emerge when you drink alcohol (Getty stock photo)

Make sure to see your doctor if you start losing weight unexpectedly, have fevers, night sweats, or feel tired for no reason.

The Mayo Clinic, a US academic medical center, states that lymphoma can cause itchy , chest or abdominal pain, bone pain, and painless swelling of lymph nodes in the belly, neck, armpits, or groin.

Experts have also clarified that if your immune system is weakened or if you have a history of lymphoma, your risk of developing this type of cancer is higher.

Certain infections like Epstein-Barr virus, Helicobacter pylori, and HIV, along with age, can raise the chances of getting the .

Mayo Clinic advises seeing your doctor right away if you have persistent symptoms that concern you, as many of the signs can be similar to less serious conditions.

Pay attention to your body's signals, even if you're not drinking alcohol.

If you need to talk to someone confidentially about any of these problems, call Macmillan's Cancer Support Line at 0808 808 00 00. They are available from 8am to 8pm every day of the week.

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