2024’s Top 10 Priciest Dog Breeds Revealed!

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Our dogs mean the world to us, that's why we make sure to have insurance for them. We cherish them and show them and care. The question is, how much are you willing to spend on your furry friend? We spare no expense for our dogs, whether they come from breeders or shelters, we love them unconditionally.

Regardless of the origin of your dog, Americans typically spend around $1,675 annually on their canine companions. Purebred dogs are five times pricier than mixed breeds or mutts. Although this may appear costly, there are even more expensive dog breeds than purebreds. Here are the most expensive dog breeds to own in .

Top-10 Most Expensive Dogs

10. Afghan Hound – $7,000

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The Afghan Hound originates from the mountains of Afghanistan and is considered to be one of the most attractive dog breeds due to their elegant coats and curly tails. Their long, silky fur tends to get tangled easily, so they need to be brushed daily.

The hounds typically live for 10-14 years on average, and their health issues may require additional expenses. They are prone to cataracts and hypothyroidism, which can result in costs of up to $3,000, further increasing the price of this puppy.

9. Pharaoh Hound – $7,500

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The Pharaoh Hound, known as “Kelb tal-Fenek” in Maltese, is commonly employed for hunting rabbits in the Maltese Islands. These canines are both smart and agile, typically weighing between 45-55 pounds.

The breed typically lives for 11-14 years on average, but it is highly susceptible to stress. Stress can cause significant problems with digestion and , which can result in treatment costs exceeding $1,500. On the bright side, their genetic composition makes them loyal and trainable companions for both families and larger groups.

8. Dogo Argentino – $8,000

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Dogo Argentinos were first bred for big game hunting because of their strong build. They are among the priciest dog breeds globally. Their robust physique enables them to track and hunt wild hogs in South America and Asia.

The Dogo Argentino was initially bred in 1928 and it has the extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog and the Great Dane as its main ancestors. Due to its dominant physical characteristics, owning this breed is prohibited in the UK, Colorado, and New York City.

The average lifespan of these animals is 12-14 years. However, they may experience hip dysplasia and deafness, which can result in expensive veterinary bills of over $1,600. It is important to note that without consistent daily exercise, their health problems may worsen, leading to higher veterinary expenses.

7. Canadian Eskimo Dog – $8,750

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The Canadian Eskimo dog is a very rare breed with less than 300 dogs left in 2018. They were originally brought to North America from Siberia over 1,000 years ago and their numbers have been declining since the 1960s.

The decline in their population was primarily caused by the introduction of the snowmobile and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) dog killings from 1950 to 1970. The Canadian Police purposely killed around 20,000 Canadian Eskimo Dogs to interfere with their way of , leading to a lasting impact on the breed.

The Canadian Eskimo Dogs have a tendency to develop gastric torsion, entropion, heat intolerance, and arthritis. They are known to be territorial and can overreact to minor disturbances, making them less suitable for families with children.

6. Rottweiler – $9,000

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Rottweilers are a popular breed, more so than the other dogs on this list. Although they are not overly expensive to purchase, usually costing around $1,500, they can accumulate high veterinary expenses due to health problems.

The Rottweiler breed is highly prone to various diseases and cancers, particularly hip and joint problems. As a result, their pet insurance claims surpass those of any other breed. Rottweiler owners should anticipate paying over $300 per year for their dog insurance, and even more for a claim.

These dogs have a shorter lifespan compared to other dogs, lasting only 8-10 years. Nevertheless, they are highly regarded as excellent pets due to their loyalty and obedience towards their owners.

5. Azawakh – $9,500

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The Azawakh, a new breed in 2019, is known for being one of the priciest. Originating from West Africa, they were primarily bred for hunting and share ancestry with hounds from the Middle East and South India.

The Azawakh breed is not very common in North America, but it is becoming more popular since it was officially recognized by the AKC in early 2019. These dogs are skilled hunters and have a quick recovery from injuries. They also have very few hereditary conditions, with epilepsy and Wobbler being the only ones they may suffer from.

The Azawakh typically lives for about 12 to 15 years when given proper care and regular walks or runs. They prefer to exercise with their owner, which can help you stay fit as well!

4. Tibetan Mastiff – $10,000

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The large dog came to America from Tibet, where it guarded sheep from wolves, leopards, and bears. The mastiff can weigh over 150 pounds and defends against strong animals.

Originally used as guardians, they became too costly for owners to keep and started disappearing. This breed is highly vigilant and will defend your family instantly.

Tibetan Mastiffs are generally in good health, but they can be susceptible to inherited conditions like hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye abnormalities. It's a good idea to have them regularly tested for these issues.

3. Chow Chow – $11,000

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The Chow Chow comes from northern and is among the oldest and rarest breeds globally. While the dog is pricey to purchase, the expenses of owning a Chow Chow continue to add up. You'll need to pay for food, treats, vet visits, grooming, and health problems, which can amount to approximately $11,000 over their lifetime.

Regular exercise is necessary for them, like going on four or more walks every day. Additionally, they tend to be stubborn by nature, which might affect their trainability and potentially affect your bond with them.

Chow Chows commonly face health problems such as eyelid entropion, hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid issues. They typically live for 8-12 years, but with appropriate care, their lifespan can be extended.

2. Löwchen – $12,000

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The Löwchen, also called the “little lion dog,” has been a favorite in Europe for over 500 years, starting in . In 1973, it was one of the rarest dogs globally with only 65 left. Today, there are just 300 registered each year worldwide.

The Löwchen is known for being one of the most sociable dog breeds. They are energetic and love to play, making them great companions for families and kids. However, they require constant human interaction and can become sad if left alone for extended periods of time.

These small dogs are surprisingly healthy, so you won't have to worry about expensive health issues. However, the upfront cost of the pup can be a bit high. On the bright side, Löwchen's lifespan is 13-15 years, so you get a lot of value for your money.

1. Samoyed – $14,000

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The Samoyed from Siberia is the most expensive dog in the world, ranking at #1. This rare breed is famous for its friendly nature, affectionate behavior, and willingness to please, as well as their joyful expressions.

The most costly dog in the world possesses a strong inclination to escape and wander for long distances, therefore it is crucial to keep them on a leash. Additionally, they are highly intelligent, sociable, and mischievous canines that constantly seek , which makes them ideal for families and children.

Rare as they may be, dogs of this kind accumulate veterinary expenses like no other. They are susceptible to costly health problems, including corneal dystrophy, autoimmune conditions, and cardiac disorders, which can add up to approximately $5,000.

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