Netflix Has New Global Number One Series That People Are Binging In One Night

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's most recent series is causing a buzz, and it's clear why.

In the world of superpower stories, it's rare to discover something unique, yet Netflix's latest series Supacell stands out. Developed by Andrew Onwubolu MBE, also known as Rapman, a musician, Supacell follows a group of regular people from South who gain special powers.

The show is full of action and has received a perfect score on . With more viewers watching, the positive reviews are continuing to come in. Many viewers have been so engrossed in the series that they watched the entire first season in one go.

One person on X said, “I started watching Supercell on Netflix and now I can't stop until I finish the whole season. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's an series.” Another person added, “Supercell is the best show on Netflix at the moment! Top Boy set the bar high and #supercell has raised it even higher. Shout out to @RealRapman and everyone involved in making this great project. Can't wait for season 2.”

Another person commented that “Supacell on Netflix is a real success. It's one of those shows where everything is linked in some way and you'll never predict what's going to happen next.”

Another person said: “Recently began watching #Supercell on @Netflix, black characters with superpowers, no need to say more.” And someone else pointed out another reason to : “#Supercell on Netflix is really good. I'm looking forward to a second season. The black male characters are attractive.”

The is clearly connecting with the show. But what about the critics? In short, they also agree.

Leila Latif from the Guardian gave the series a strong four- rating, commending the cast for driving the story. “With such a captivating and delightful cast, there will be many more adventures to come. They didn't pick their powers or to be heroes, but when a show is this enjoyable, it's great that their powers chose them,” Latif stated.

Aramide Tinubu from Variety praised Supacell, describing it as “bold” and “daring.” Tinubu highlighted the show's exploration of important themes impacting Black individuals, such as trafficking, surveillance, global anti-Blackness, and unethical medical practices. Tinubu also commended the series for its authentic portrayal of “Black ,” a representation often lacking in media.

Supacell is now available to watch on Netflix.

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