Netflix Viewer ‘Couldn’t Sleep For A Week’ After ‘Biggest Plot Twist Of All Time’ in Psychological Thriller Series

Netflix Viewer ‘Couldn't Sleep For A Week' After ‘Biggest Plot Twist Of All Time' in Psychological Thriller Series

viewers are abuzz with excitement over the most astonishing plot twists ever seen on TV. Among the shows that keep coming up in conversations is “Behind Her Eyes.” This gripping series, released in 2021 and adapted from Sarah Pinborough's novel, tells the story of Louise, a single who finds herself caught up in a passionate affair with her boss, David, while also befriending his wife, Adele. However, the story takes a sinister and otherworldly turn when it is revealed that Adele possesses the extraordinary power of astral projection, enabling her to switch bodies with other people.

Adele's shocking twist involves swapping bodies with Louise, leaving Louise trapped in Adele's dying body. The twist gets even more intense when it's revealed that Adele had previously switched bodies with her friend Rob, meaning the character we was Adele was actually Rob. Viewers have been disturbed and unable to forget this twist, with some even losing for a week after watching.

Some viewers thought “Behind Her Eyes” was underrated despite its intricate plot. They were surprised by the lack of the show got, with one fan saying, “I'm shocked more people didn't discuss it. It was excellent.”

The show, which has six episodes, made a strong impact on its . One viewer said, “I usually don't get scared by shows/movies… But this one still has me uneasy lol.” Another viewer mentioned that the ending was one of the most “chilling” they had ever seen, and the twist stayed with them for a long .

You can stream “Behind Her Eyes” on Netflix for an exciting binge-. This psychological thriller has an unforgettable twist that will keep you hooked.

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