OnlyFans Star’s Earnings Soar After New York to Dublin Portal Flashing Incident!

Image Credit: /avalouiise / X/@ayeejuju /OnlyFans

The OnlyFans model who exposed herself at the New York to Dublin portal shared her thoughts before the act and disclosed her earnings.

An OnlyFans performer who exposed herself in front of a ‘gateway' linking Dublin and New York has disclosed the amount of money she has earned since the daring act.

Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys created a ‘portal' connecting Ireland and the US to encourage people to connect across borders and differences, and to see the world as united and whole.

Unfortunately, certain portal users were in for a surprise when an OnlyFans model from across the globe unexpectedly exposed her breasts.

Other individuals, aside from 25-year-old OnlyFans model Ava Louise, also participated in activities that were not intended for the platform. Some individuals exposed their buttocks during the livestream for others to witness, while others in Dublin shared pictures of the twin towers in New York.

Due to the behavior of some attendees, the Flatiron NoMad Partnership had to temporarily close down the portal to figure out how to ensure it is used properly despite its good intentions.

During the the portal was closed for a few days, Louise managed to make a lot of money from her daring act.


Ava Louise flashed via the portal from New York to Dublin (Instagram/ @avalouiise)

Louise's recent daring act on the New York side of the portal has resulted in a significant boost to her OnlyFans page. Within a weekend, she gained more than 30,000 new subscribers, and she anticipates that her numbers will continue to grow in the upcoming days.

She informed the New York Post that she went there with the that she could become famous if she did it.


The decision, although controversial, has definitely benefited the content creator.

Louise mentioned that she usually makes between $70,000 and $125,000 monthly from OnlyFans.

In an interview published on May 15th, she informed the Post that she had earned $30,000 in the last two days from this scandal, which she found to be .

Despite gaining popularity on OnlyFans, not everyone appreciates Louise's actions. However, she has previously expressed that she doesn't really care about negative comments she receives online.

Her parents discovered the stunt through the newspaper. Now, whenever they see her revealing her chest, they simply say, “That's just Ava!”

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