Pornstar Featured in Eminem’s Latest Video Alleges Unpaid Dues


Ryan Keely, an adult , has publicly criticized Eminem and Synapse Virtual Production for not compensating her for her part in his latest music video, “Houdini.” Keely, who had a short appearance in the video, used to directly address the problem. In a tweet mentioning both Eminem and Synapse Virtual Production, she expressed gratitude to the rapper for involving her in the project but requested that they “perform one more trick” and send her the payment for her contribution.

Keely's post caused different responses from her supporters. She shared the hard work put into her short scene, mentioning the spent on hair and makeup. When asked about her hair, she revealed using three bags of clip-in extensions and a fourth bag of tape-in extensions to get the final style, emphasizing the effort needed for even a brief appearance on screen.

Keely's request received support from numerous social media users who believed she should be paid for her work. A comment was made by one user, highlighting that it is the 's responsibility, not Eminem's, to ensure payment. However, they agreed that Keely deserved compensation. Another user emphasized the effort put into behind-the-scenes work, such as multiple takes and acting directions, which further justified her demand for payment.



Eminem's new album, “The Death of Slim Shady,” includes the “Houdini” video, signaling a departure from his famous alter ego. Fans are speculating about Eminem's future plans, with some worried he may retire.

Keely's plea for payment highlights the need for fair compensation in the entertainment industry, regardless of the role's significance. As talks go on, fans and industry watchers eagerly anticipate responses from Synapse Virtual Production and Eminem regarding the payment matter.

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