Science-Backed Signs to Spot a Female Psychopath

How to identify if a woman is a psychopath, according to science,female psychopath

A recent report on women with psychopathic traits has been published.

Despite the frequent discussions about psychopaths, many individuals may struggle to recognize one.

Hardly anyone can distinguish the gender-specific traits that differentiate a female psychopath from a male one.

A recent research has uncovered the red flags that could indicate a is a psychopath, but…

Researchers from the psychology department at the University of New Mexico conducted this study.

Researchers used head tracking algorithms to analyze recordings of women being interviewed by the police, uncovering certain warning signs.

female psychopath

Female psychopaths' traits have been relatively unknown (Pexels)

Women, just like male psychopaths, maintain a very steady head position.

People think that this method is used to cover up any clues that their body language might unintentionally reveal about their behavior.

The researchers clarified their discoveries: “Nonverbal behaviors, such as head movements, are a crucial but often overlooked way of communicating that could help us identify specific types of mental disorders, like psychopathy.”

Our findings contribute to the identification of a distinct pattern of head movements that is commonly observed in women with high psychopathy scores. Specifically, these individuals tend to maintain a more fixed head position during clinical interviews.

Psychopaths are often characterized by their antisocial behavior and absence of remorse or empathy.

The New Mexico team evaluated candidates using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist in their research.

Created in the 1970s by psychologist Robert D. Hare, this checklist has 20 items and rates individuals from one to 40.

A person who achieves a score above 30 is regarded as a psychopath.

female psychopath

Psychopaths are noted for their lack of empathy (Pexels)

The scientists discovered that women who had less head movement had higher psychopathy scores.

Since psychopathy is frequently associated with repeat offenses, this may be valuable for police.

A recent study follows a warning from a British researcher that suggests there may be more women with psychopathic traits than initially believed.

Dr. Clive Boddy from Anglia Ruskin University stated that psychopathic behavior can frequently manifest as sexually alluring and manipulative conduct.

Currently, there are six times more male psychopaths than women.

Dr. Boddy thinks it's probably closer to 1.2 to 1.

The original estimation would be multiplied by five, resulting in a significantly larger female psychopath population.

This latest study from New Mexico appears to have recognized this.

Psychopathy is not often diagnosed on its own, as individuals who exhibit psychopathic traits are typically diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). ASPD includes important indicators, as stated by WebMD.

The DSM-5 criteria for ASPD indicate that an may exhibit a consistent pattern of disregarding and violating the rights of others since the age of 15, along with three or more of the following behaviors:

· Failure to conform to social norms concerning lawful behaviours

· Deceitfulness, repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for pleasure or personal profit

· Impulsivity or failure to plan

· Irritability and aggressiveness, often with physical fights or assaults

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